no name president is a person with, well no name and is president of the most powerfull country in the world. The netherlands (keep in mind this is my mind and imagination) she put the Nehterlands in debt days after she got chosen willigly by the William Alexander but then after the debt, went to 0 in minutes and the GDP went to technically infinte she put the Netherlands in debt by making real cloning device that could fit in your hand then she used it to make the GDP rise a lot but not enough to cause inflation... she cheated the market with a loophole and you could imagine the things she could do with infinte money the strongest military, the best healthcare etc. and due to all of this the Netherlands is the most powerfull country on the earth and is stronger then the entire world combined but that is a brief summary of her... backstorys, military devices/vehicles, and much more, She also made a fully operational weatly from portal 2 when she got bored and had no one to talk to its almost a human being. except that it cant walk and or push a, lets say a big red nuke button with a country that has somewhere to 50,000 nukes and 150,000 nukes